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Here at Greenville Tree Service Experts we continue to excel in all landscaping services needed for your commercial and residential properties. We offer specialized landscaping removals, installations, and maintenance needed to give you a healthy property year-round. Our professional tree arborists have years of experience in all services provided. Let us remove your broken or unwanted trees that get in the way of new construction by hiring our company. We can also maintain your trees and shrubbery by using our methods of trimming and pruning. Including planting our fertilizer that will help the overall growth of your landscaping. Have any emergency yard debris clean-up? Our professionals will arrive on time and can remove all yard debris that has damaged your property with ease. Don’t allow your landscaping to decay and call us today!

About Us

Greenville Tree Service Experts offers professional tree pros who can assist throughout all removals, planting, and maintenance desired. Our experts are highly educated in all methods and will bring quality tools, equipment and products to finish all services to perfection. We understand that your commercial and residential landscaping can be essential to maintain in order to provide a relaxing environment for anyone to enjoy. Take care of your trees and shrubbery by allowing us to fertilize the soil, trim, prune, and even plant in new trees that will offer the necessary part of an ecosystem. Remove any broken or infected trees that will harm the rest of your landscaping and get rid of your hideous stumps. Allow us to be your number one local tree experts for any landscaping service desired.

Our Services

Servicing all of Greenville North Carolina, we offer specialized landscaping services to ensure each commercial and residential properties are healthy. Our expert tree pros understand all methods of removal, planting, and maintenance. In need of removing your broken trees or will need to clear the land for new construction? We have quality products, tools, and equipment needed to remove any size of tree desired. Including removing your terrible stumps that can be harmful and will degrade the curb appeal. Maintain your landscaping by hiring our trimming, pruning, and fertilizing service that will ensure your trees and shrubbery is healthy year-round. Hire us today for all landscaping services needed for your commercial and residential properties.

Tree Service

Tree services are essential when having commercial and residential landscaping properties that will need maintenance, removal, planting, and yard debris cleanup. Our company provides services that will help maintain your landscaping by cutting, trimming, and using fertilizer that will ensure your trees and shrubbery are growing efficiently. Have any trees or large branches that have fallen onto your property? We can cleanup your yard debris by disposing of it properly to leave you a pristine yard. Remove your trees and their stumps when hiring our professionals who have the correct tools and equipment needed for completion. Any general tree care can be accomplished for any property desired.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree trimming and pruning are important when having landscaping on your properties and should be completed regularly. Trim you trees to help provide moisture and light to the surrounding landscaping. It will also help prevent any insects or pests that could infect the surrounding landscaping. Pruning your trees will help the overall growth of your shrubbery and trees, including removing any dead branches that could possibly cause damages if fallen. This service can also be done to provide a wonderful curb appeal appearance as well by designing any shapes into the shrubbery. Maintain your residential and commercial landscaping by hiring trimming and pruning services.

“Greenville Tree Service Experts helped me make my yard looking pristine by planting in various trees and shrubbery that enhanced my home.” Deborah P

Tree Removal

Tree removal can be valuable to your commercial and residential properties that will need this service when having old trees or when creating space for new construction. We offer land clearing services that can remove all and any trees that will be in the way of new construction or when needing to create space for farmland. This service can also be useful when having broken, diseased, or old trees that could be harmful and can create damages if not removed. Our professional experts have the correct tools and equipment needed for any size tree removal and will ensure it is completed without damaging your property in the process.

Stump Removal

Tree Stumps overtime can become hazardous and could be infected with insects and bugs that will affect your commercial and residential properties. Stumps can be dangerous when people are running within the yard and fall over the stump. Including harming your lawn mowers that may accidently run them over causing the entire equipment to breakdown. Stumps can also be infected with insects that could start to decay the landscaping as well. Our company will remove your entire stumps with the roots or can grind your stumps directly into the ground. Any option will be accomplished to get your properties back to looking pristine.

“Best tree and landscaping maintenance around town! Definitely will use them again.” Howard E

Tree Planting

Trees are an essential part of our ecosystem by offering fresh oxygen, shade that will help with energy costs, and a relaxing environment to enjoy. Plant any type of tree desired that will benefit your commercial or residential properties most.  By planting new trees, you are able to cut down on energy costs. During the warm summer days, you are able to shade your building or home to reduce the AC. During the cold breezy days, you can use trees to provide heat for your property. Plant new trees for your community parks that will be enjoyable for guests to have a picnic and relax under the trees. Our professionals will help you throughout all planting and can even provide you information on what landscaping will benefit your property.

Tree Feeding and Fertilization

Tree Feeding And Fertilization is necessary when having commercial and residential landscaping that will help maintain trees and shrubbery. Fertilizer is designed to help give the landscaping the required nutrients needed to survive. Using fertilizer can help rebuild a weak tree or shrub, including making it grow properly. Knowing when your properties need fertilizer can be accomplished when hiring our company to assess the landscaping frequently. Our professional arborists can help place fertilize within the soil and will provide a type of fertilizer product that will help with any landscaping that may need more nutrients than others. Maintain your trees and shrubbery by making sure they get the key nutrients needed to thrive year-round.

“I had no idea how to trim and prune my trees, but these professionals helped me understand and took care of my entire yard on time and finished right on schedule.” Karen V

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Here at Greenville Tree Service Experts, we continue to ensure all commercial and residential properties are maintained completely throughout the entire year. Including being on call for any emergency yard debris cleanup when unexpected storms arise. Our friendly customer service representatives are awaiting your call to go over all landscaping services that will benefit your property most. Including setting up a time and date that works around your schedule. Don’t wait to remove, plant, or maintain your property and give us a call with the number provided on our website. We assure you that we accomplish all services on time and will leave your yard or lawn pristine once we are finished. Call us today and let our professionals give you a relaxing environment to enjoy by hiring our landscaping services.